St. Louise Regional Hospital provides podiatry services for many foot and ankle conditions, using minimally invasive treatments whenever possible.

Our podiatrists are expertly trained at treating conditions that include:

  • Diabetic foot wounds
  • Metatarsal fractures
  • Bunions and hammertoes
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Flat feet or fallen arches
  • Torn tendons in the foot and ankle
  • Plantar fasciitis, an inflammatory condition that causes heel pain

Diabetic Wound Care

Patients with diabetes should see a podiatrist at least once every 3 months. Diabetes often causes foot ulcers (open wounds) as a result of poor circulation. Left untreated, these ulcers may ultimately require surgeons to amputate your foot.

St. Louise sees a lot of patients with diabetic wounds in our wound care center, giving us the expertise to ensure you get the best care.

Our hospital provides:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen chambers to provide oxygen to wounds, enhancing blood flow and healing
  • Wound vacuums to improve drainage and promote the formation of new skin tissue
  • Specialized wound dressings and medications to encourage faster healing

Minimally Invasive Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Unlike many podiatrists, our podiatry team offers endoscopic plantar fascia release. This treatment relieves tension in the ligaments on the bottom of your foot (plantar fascia), which can cause severe heel pain (plantar fasciitis). Endoscopic treatment involves a compact surgical tool inserted through a small incision in place of open foot surgery.

Benefits of this minimally invasive treatment include:

  • Convenience: Endoscopic plantar fascia release is an outpatient procedure, typically completed in just 20 minutes.
  • Faster recovery: This treatment has a faster recovery than open surgery, with patients usually back to their regular shoes within 4 weeks.
  • Lower infection risk: Because podiatrists do not have to open up your whole foot, there is less risk of infection. Infection risk is an especially important consideration for diabetic patients with poor circulation.

Pediatric Foot Care

Some podiatrists only see adults, but ours also treat and diagnose foot problems in children. We have expertise in pediatric foot problems.

Treatment for Flat Feet or Fallen Arches

St. Louise podiatrists offer different types of treatment for patients with flat feet or fallen arches. Our podiatrists will avoid surgery whenever possible.

For many patients, treatment often starts with custom shoe inserts (orthotics) to support the arches and relieve pain. In severe cases, podiatrists perform flat foot reconstruction to create an arch to alleviate foot pain.

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